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As one of the only licensed investigation firms in Eastern Texas to perform bodyguard services for clients, Klein Investigations and Alamo Protective Services opened their Protective Services Division in September of 2000.

Team members of Klein Investigations and Consulting and Alamo Protective Services are certified by the Texas Department of Public Safety Private Security Commission as Commissioned Personal Protection Officers, the team has gathered extensive files on threats to corporate leaders, entertainment figures and high profile individuals that live and work in Texas and beyond.

The principle directors of the company are Richard Quiroga and Philip R. Klein whom have served the state of Texas in their capacity as Personal Protection Officers for over 40 years combined. 

who we are

Company history

In June of 2000, Texas Professional Bodyguards was formed by nationally know investigator Philip R. Klein and former San Antonio Swat team member Richard Quiroga. After the events of 911 the demand for services around the United States elevated the use of DPS-PSB commissioned Personal Protection Officers in the government and private sector. 

As a team, TPB and Klein Investigations covers the entire United States.  TPB has corporate, government and private sector clients. Known in Texas as the "go to team" for corporate down size operations, investigation and protection of threats towards corporate executive and an advance team that plans security for visiting government and private sector officials. TPB has performed over 2,500 operations and without one AOP (attack on principle) and currently holds a zero attack record. 

Within hours, TPB can put together a team anywhere from 2 to 50 agents from all across Texas for a critical response in kidnapping and / or critical incident manegment.   

we believe in providing a unique and customized consulting AND PROTECTION experience for each and every client.

our approach

Bodyguards, LLC

TPB has the most up to date equipment that includes level 2 armored vehicles (SUV's), counter measures and advanced sweeping equipment for advance of our clients, as well as secure radio frequencies, which are licensed and owned by the company.  Our agents are highly trained in  vehicle counter measures and most are Texas Certified EMT's or Paramedics for the safety of our clients. All are licensed and commissioned Personal Protection Officers whom have had advanced experience in government and public operations that have practiced worldwide. 

TPB and its employees have participated in over 30 sporting events that include the NFL Super Bowl, NCAA Final Four and movie sets filming in six countries.